Field Trip Education Programs

We have several on-site education programs for learners of all ages at the Flint Hills Discovery Center!  Whether you want to bring an entire grade or a small class on a field trip, we can offer both fun and educational programs to get students excited about learning.  

We require a two week advance notice to schedule an education program. All programs are offered by reservation only.  To make a reservation, please email  

All on-site programs were developed with school-age children in mind according to state standards and core concepts.

**All programs for 6th - 8th Graders can be adapted for high school age learners.

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  1. PreK - 2nd Grade
  2. 3rd - 5th Grade
  3. 6th - 8th Grade

Flint Hills Exploration

Explore the life of a child in the Flint Hills over the years or investigate the various rocks, plants and wildlife of the unique landscape with this guided experience at the Flint Hills Discovery Center. This program allows the group to choose the areas of the Flint Hills that they want to explore, be it the history, geology, ecology, or a combination. Each program has the chance to be different based on the collection of activities selected by the group.

Teachers and parents can pick four activities and one alternative before arrival at the FHDC. Students will move through the activities in a “round-robin” fashion. The fun and fresh experience at each station ensures young minds never get bored while teachers can gear the experience to many different overarching areas of content from the classroom. List of activities (PDF)

  • Learning Centers
  • Time: 45-60 minutes
  • Minimum: 12 students | Maximum: 30 per session
  • Education standards vary depending on activities chosen

Engineer It! Assembly Line

Learn about assembly lines, participate in a human assembly line model and redesign an assembly line to improve speed and efficiency.

  • For students in Kindergarten through 2nd grade
  • 60 minutes
  • Minimum: 12 students | Maximum: 30 per session
  • Standards: K-2-ETSJ-1