Fall 2016

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Theme Date Grade Description
Prairie Pioneers Friday, September 23 K-2 Spend the day experiencing how early Kansas pioneers accomplished everyday tasks in their new prairie homes. Campers will create their own homemade items every family needs, a lantern to light their home and a quill pen for writing letters to their friends and family "back home" and more! 
Ride 'em Cowboy Friday, October 14 K-2 Youth will celebrate all things cowboy! They will discover how cattle drives and cowboys are part of what makes the Flint Hills culture what it is today. Campers will make our own lariats and hats and practice our roping skills for a day full of cowboy fun!
Pioneer Games Monday, October 17 K-2 Pioneer kids had a different way of life than kids today. Youth will play games that pioneer children played and make their own homemade games and visit the General Store!
Kansas Native Americans Thursday, October 20 K-2 Learn more about the roots of Kansas! Campers will spend the day making dream catchers, building TeePees and learning how to pronounce words from the Kaw language. 
Choo Choo Trains! Friday, October 21 K-2 Who doesn't love a train? Youth will discover how trains played a part in the development of communities in Kansas and the Flint Hills. We will design our own railway system and visit the train depot!
Wild Homes Monday, November 21 K-2 Youth will learn about the homes of various animals from the Flint Hills and how they live. They will also view specific animal homes-dens, lodges, nests, and build their own using craft supplies.
Food is Science! Tuesday, November 22 K-2 With Thanksgiving only a few days away, this program will teach campers about the science behind food. The day's activities will include mixing ingredients and observing the reactions, making mini-loaves and visiting a bakery!
Gobble Gobble Wednesday, November 23 K-2 In this Thanksgiving themed program, campers will participate in activities in which they discuss what they're thankful for, decorate gourds and play stuff the turkey games.
Ice, Ice, Baby Wednesday, December 21 K-2 On this chilly day, learn all about ice! Campers will discover the science behind glaciers, make ice cream, frost pinecones and more.
Town and Country Thursday, December 22 K-2 Learn all about being a farmer! This program will offer campers the opportunity to learn all about running a farm, farmer's markets and more.
Inventing the Future Friday, December 23 K-2 The future is here! Campers will make new discoveries, look at the science behind virtual reality and design a zip line.  
We Like Ike! Tuesday, December 27 3-6 Campers will take a trip to Abilene and explore the childhood home of President Eisenhower, learn more about his life and the impact he made on the nation's history.
Pioneer Technology Wednesday, December 28 3-6 In this program, campers will learn about the technology of the pioneers. The day's activities will include quill pen making and making rope and paper! 
The Technology of Time Thursday, December 29 3-6 Even time has its own history. Campers will spend the day learning about historical methods of telling time, recording history, cave paintings, oral histories and sun dials. 
Ancient Tools Friday, December 30 3-6 Learn all about the tools that people of the past used on a daily basis. Through this program, campers will be immersed in history!
Building a Home Tuesday, January 3 3-6 Campers will gain an understanding of designing and constructing buildings.The day's activities will include building popsicle stick towers, an architecture scavenger hunt and more!
Jammin' Kansas Wednesday, January 4 3-6 In this program, campers can sing, dance and learn the science of sound! With a visit from a musician and other musical activities, there will never be a dull moment!
Civil Rights in Kansas Monday, January 16 3-6 Campers will take a trip to Topeka to visit the National Historic Site Brown vs. Board of Education to hear the story of how Kansas played a part in the Civil Rights Movement.