Winter/Spring 2018

All participants need to preregister for each session online or by calling 785-587-2726. 

Below details the camps currently offered. For a general overview of this program, visit our main Adventure Camp page.


Sessions Member Fee Non-Member Fee
Full Day
7:30 AM-5:30 PM
$22 $25
Half Day
7:30 AM-12:15 PM
$13 $15

Current Camps for Grades 3-6

Date Class  Description
01/15/2018 Mad Science Animals Some creatures are just plain weird! Come learn about some of the strangest animals of the Flint Hills. Hear about some mythical creatures and create your own weird wildlife.
02/09/2018 Animals of the Rainforest Step out of the Flint Hills and into the Amazon, as we dig into wildlife you just don't see in Kansas!
02/15/2018 Our Rainforest Adventure Go on a trip to the wild with your friends at FHDC. We will take wander our way to the Topeka Zoo to see what creatures are in their tropical rainforest!
02/16/2018 Kansas Animal Exploration We have awesome animals who live all around us here in the Flint Hills! Become an expert on a Kansan species. Let's get a close look and experience some native wildlife.
02/19/2018 Jungle Skills Do you have what it takes to survive the jungle? We're going to try our best to match the skills needed to have a successful safari!
03/16/2018 Meet the Bison What color is a bison's tongue? Get a close look at some real, live bison at a nearby ranch. 
03/19/2018 Let's Laugh Day It's National Let's Laugh Day! Come celebrate by sharing some jokes and laughs with us. We'll be clowning around and laughing the day away.
03/20/2018 Spring to Life! It's the first day of Spring, what's waking up from the long winter? We'll create spring inspired art and music and take a look at some of the plants and insects that welcome spring in the Flint Hills.
03/21/2018 Little Aggies What exactly is agriculture? Come find out with hands-on activities and a trip to a local farm.
03/22/2018 Merry Makers Anyone can be a maker... all it takes is imagination and the tools to make it happen. We give you the supplies, you make whatever you want from them! 
03/23/2018 Fire Friday Did you know that some ranchers burn their pastures because it helps their bison and cattle? We will discover how fire has shaped our Flint Hills and how important it is to life.
04/02/2018 Fun Ferrets Today is National Ferret Day! Did you know Kansas has native wild ferrets? We will learn all about the very special Black-footed ferrets when we travel to Milford Nature Center in the afternoon! 
04/27/2018 Insect Trek Take a walk on the wild side with us! We will take our nets and discover what flies, scurries and slithers in the Flint Hills!