Flint Hills Learning Center

Flint Hills Learning Center

A Great Place to Learn About the Flint Hills

The Flint Hills Learning Center is a free online resource that excites and inspires deeper learning about all things Flint Hills - the science, history, culture, and more that makes this place so very special.

Educators will also discover helpful tools that complement classroom instruction around these very topics. We also manage the Flint Hills Map Exhibits, providing our community with large-scale, full-color maps that tell the story of the last stand of the tallgrass prairie. 

Explore the Learning Center

The Flint Hills 
Discover the unique history, science and culture of the Flint Hills, with links to several web-based resources.

Flint Hills Map Exhibits
Large-scale, educational maps of the Flint Hills available for purchase and to download for educational use.

For Educators
Free resources for teachers to motivate and engage students, including lessons plans, field trips and activities.

About the Learning Center
Learn more about the Flint Hills Learning Center as we share our history and how you can join our efforts!