Prairie Garden Terrace and Trail

In addition to the interactive permanent exhibits, immersive experience theater, and traveling exhibit galleries, the Flint Hills Discovery Center encourages visitors to explore our outdoor spaces located on the backside of the facility. These outdoor areas feature plants iconic to prairie landscape and reminiscent of the Flint Hills.
Prairie Garden Terrace

Prairie Garden Terrace

Enjoy spectacular views and see native wildflowers from the Prairie Garden Terrace. This rooftop space is part of the City of Manhattan’s park system. It features a unique green roof that channels water into custom landscaped beds that mirror the uplands, slopes, and bottomlands of the Flint Hills. Native grasses and wildflowers fill the space with bright colors and sweet aromas.

It is accessible from inside the Discovery Center's lobby via the stairs or elevator, or using the exterior ramp and stairs. It has comfortable outdoor seating and is available for evening rental. The space is open to the public and visitors are invited to enjoy the area for free. It is open from 7 a.m.-10 p.m.

Prairie Garden Trail

The Prairie Garden Trail wraps around the backside of the Flint Hills Discovery Center, from the terrace down to ground level. These fifteen informational signs highlight the Prairie Garden flora and fauna and important topics to the Flint Hills eco-region. Information about the Prairie Garden Trail can be found on the introduction panel on the mid-level or inside the third floor terrace entrance doors.


Supporters of the Project

This project was made possible, in part, by a generous grant from the Caroline Peine Charitable Foundation/The Manhattan Fund, Bank of America, N.A.Trustee and other supporters:

Flint Hills Discovery Center Foundation
McCownGordon Construction
City of Manhattan
Manhattan Parks and Recreation