The Flint Hills

A sunset in the fall in the Flint Hills

A Special Place

Featuring one of the last remaining tallgrass prairie eco-systems in the world, the Flint Hills region is a band of hills stretching for several hundred miles in eastern Kansas to north-central Oklahoma. Native grasses waving high into the sky, wildflowers blanketing the landscape, and vivid sunsets melting into the horizon, make this truly a place to experience.

What are the Flint Hills

Learn more about the history and formation of the Flint Hills, including the story behind the region's name.

Experience the Flint Hills

There is no better way to learn about the region than experiencing it in person, check out this list of ideas as you plan your next adventure. 

Learn More

A collection of digital resources that connect you to a wide variety of Flint Hills subjects, from farming and ranching to prairie culture, and everything in between.