2022 Friend of the Flint Hills

Bruce Sneed with the Flint Hills Discovery Center Foundation

On Saturday, April 9 Bruce Snead was recognized as the 2022 Friend of the Flint Hills.

Snead has been an integral part of the evolution of the FHDC from its initial development and opening in 2012 through the establishment of the Foundation.

The FHDC Foundation has given the “Friend of the Flint Hills” award to an individual, couple, non-government organization or public institution each spring since 2012. The award honors significant time, effort and resources devoted to the cause of conserving the Flint Hills of Kansas and northern Oklahoma. 

As a Manhattan City Commissioner and Mayor, Snead provided leadership during the initial development of the FHDC concept. Snead has served as President of the FHDC Foundation since its creation in 2012, leading initiatives in support of the mission of the FHDC.

Thank you to the following 2022 Friend of the Flint Hills sponsors:

* Mitch and Susan Adams 

* The Trust Company

* Volland Foundation 

* V. Marie Martin

* John and Karen McCulloh

* Robert and Bo Swanson

* Richard Porter 

* Bob and Liz Workman

For more information contact Lesley White, fhdcfoundation1@gmail.com.

Bruce Sneed holding the 2022 Friend of the Flint Hills award in front of the FHDC Foundation sign