Spring 2023 Discovery Camp (Grades K-2)

Discovery Camp (grades K-2) is a unique program offered throughout the school year when USD 383 is not in session. Camps include hands-on activities such as exciting experiments and creative crafts, outdoor excursions, and time in the exhibits.

Camp Schedule & Registration

Children may be dropped off as early as 7:30 a.m.; pick up is no later than 5:30 p.m. Registrants must bring their own sack lunch. Pre-registration is required online, by phone at 785-587-2726 or in-person at the Flint Hills Discovery Center.

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Camp Eligibility and Expectations

The Education Team at the Flint Hills Discovery Center works hard to create a safe and inclusive environment for learning. We also expect that all camp participants and parents do their part to create that same environment. The following expectations apply to all campers:

  • Respect all participants, staff, exhibits, and property
  • Participate in all activities
  • Work as a team when asked
  • Play safely and practice self-control
  • Follow all rules and verbal staff instructions
  • Use appropriate language
  • Remain in sight of staff at all times

If unacceptable behavior continues beyond staff interventions, staff will contact the camp participant’s parents or legal guardians. Please note that refunds will not be given if campers are sent home due to inappropriate behavior.


FHDC members: $29 per day
Non-members: $33 per day

Date Theme Description
February 10             Junior Paleontologists Let's uncover the past like a paleontologist! We will explore the tools a paleontologist uses and how they use them to understand life in the past. We will make our own fossils and learn how real fossils are made.
February 16       Hungry Herbivores Design a world for a dinosaur, complete with their favorite foods. Not all dinosaurs had sharp teeth, let's discover how they chewed their food.
February 17       Crazy Carnivores Let's match the dinosaur with the right meal. Compare modern birds to ancient dinosaurs by taking a closer look at fossils and pictures while using tools of paleontologists and biologists.
February 20 Kansas Rocks! Kansas has some pretty cool rocks! Learn how the flint hills got their name, investigate characteristics of rocks and gemstones, and learn about crystallization as they crack open their own geodes.
March 10 Amazing Mazes Mazes are a fun way to learn about maps. Let's find our way through a maze together, make a treasure map of the Discovery Center, and learn through puzzle play! 
March 13 Flint Hills Wonders - Day 1 Come for a fun filled week where each day we will focus on a different wonder of our tallgrass prairie. In Shaping Winds and Waters, we will learn and explore how the Flint Hills got their name, go on a fossil hunt, and experiment with water! 
March 14 Flint Hills Wonders - Day 2 Come for a fun filled week where each day we will focus on a different wonder of our tallgrass prairie. In Blowing Winds in a Tallgrass Prairie, we will plant native flowers, make homes for pollinators, and find out who can eat the most grass!
March 15 Flint Hills Wonders - Day 3 Come for a fun filled week where each day we will focus on a different wonder of our tallgrass prairie. The Underground Forest is home to creatures and roots. We will measure up to the deep roots of the prairie, learn from a burrowing animal, and make mud paintings.
March 16 Flint Hills Wonders - Day 4 Come for a fun filled week where each day we will focus on a different wonder of our tallgrass prairie. In Winds of the Past, we will learn about Bison, and make a traditional clay pot!
March 17 Flint Hills Wonders - Day 5 Come for a fun filled week where each day we will focus on a different wonder of our tallgrass prairie. Where the air is so pure, we will travel like a pioneer, practice roping like a cowboy, and make our own cattle corrals.
April 10 Crafty Camp Calling all crafters as we explore different art mediums and create Flint Hills inspired crafts. We will try our hands at an art experiment, choose our favorite craft supplies, and make our classroom a gallery!
April 28 Lovely Leaves Join us as we celebrate Arbor Day in the Flint Hills! We will craft with leaves, plant tree seeds, and learn how trees about trees in the prairie.

Enroll Your Child on Their Next Discovery

1. Pick a Camp
Choose the appropriate camp from the schedule and class descriptions chart based on grade and season.

2. Pre-Register for Each Session
Pre-register online, by phone at 785-587-2726, or in person at the Flint Hills Discovery Center.

3. Fill Out Forms
Complete emergency release and permission forms and return them to the FHDC Education Department on or before your first program of the season.
4. Review the Parent Handbook
All parents should read the Discovery Camp Parent Handbook prior to dropping their child off at camp. Parents failing to follow the rules and regulations outlined in this handbook may result in a child’s removal from camp.
5. Review the Refund Policy
Registrants will receive a full refund if the program is canceled or may be transferred to another class. A full refund is granted if a request to withdraw is received one week (seven days) prior to the start date. A partial refund is granted if requested between one week and at least 48 hours prior to start date. There will be no refund if request is less than 48 hours in advance or if the participant fails to show.